Migration Alliance Forum Rules

Welcome to the registration page of the MA forum

All Forum members are to refrain from profane and offensive language. The Forum Moderator will immediately delete, without notice, any posts he/she deems to contain profane or offensive language. Should the Forum Moderator deem this necessary the offending party will be notified by email with a full explanation and accompanied with a request to please explain. Thereafter a sanction process maybe initiated (please see 10)

Addressing other Forum Members and Equality of Status on the Forum

All forum members are to address and respond to other colleagues in a respectful manner. The Migration Alliance Forum prohibits the belittling of any member regardless of the circumstances. All forum members hold equal status, privileges and responsibility regardless of their seniority or professional status in the Migration Profession. In any circumstances where the above is not observed, the Forum Moderator will report the offense to the MA Executive seeking an opinion and where necessary removal of posts and or suspension of forum privileges. Thereafter a sanction process maybe initiated (please see 10)

Encouraging Forum Participants, Sharing of Knowledge and Prohibiting Discouraging Behaviour

The Forum seeks in part to encourage the professional development of all Forum participants both new entrants to the profession and that of senior practitioners. No Forum member is permitted to discourage any member from attempting to undertake work under any visa sub-class or category due to a perceived lack of inexperience or analytical skills. The forum is designed to work as a development tool and the Migration Alliance Supports the notion that all members have the capacity to achieve and develop new skills - when fostered within a community of members that embrace the notion of sharing and mentoring. Any member found to be discouraging the development of other forum members will be cautioned by the Forum Moderator and if similar behaviour persists a referral to the MA Executive will follow. Thereafter a sanction process maybe initiated (please see 10)

Prohibiting Personal Attacks, Rumours, Defamation, sinister Inferences and the promotion of Straight Dialogue

All Forum members are to carefully observe the tone and nature of the discourse they engage in on the Forum. The Forum prohibits the raising of any unsubstantiated allegation towards any RMA or for that matter alleged or inferred allegations. Members who wish to engage in this activity will be banned from the Forum. Any discussions of wrong doing by any RMA must only occur by naming the individual or individuals and only where there is a record of a sanction imposed by the OMARA or by reference to a criminal conviction imposed by the courts. No member is permitted to accuse any member of ‘defamation’ on the forum, when such issues arise the appropriate recourse is to report the allegation to the Forum Moderator, who will provide an opinion to the MA executive, who will deem the appropriate action to be taken. Thereafter a sanction process maybe initiated (please see 10). In general terms, the forum is about positive, constructive discourse. Members are encouraged to speak freely and directly and to disagree with the opinions of other members (where they see fit) but always in a manner that is civil and courteous.

Responding to Forum Posts Concisely and Respecting the Original Premise of The Thread

As a matter of courtesy, all forum members are requested to respect the original premise of any thread and to ensure that their responses assist and address the original subject matter of the thread. Should members have a similar or divergent question or subject matter; please start a new thread with your specific question or subject matter. Where posts deviate or do not address the original thread the Forum Moderator may relocate the post under a new thread title. The objective of any response to any thread is to assist the original poster or to contribute to the relevant subject matter of the thread. Ensuring that your Threads Provide concise and relevant facts The Forum plays a practical role in the development of knowledge for RMAs undertaking new practice tasks or who are encountering situations where they require the professional support and experiences of other Forum members. To ensure that you receive correct, timely and relevant responses to your posts; where possible, please ensure that you: Provide all the relevant facts Any particular circumstances to the visa applicant or appellant Disclose exactly your reading of the situation and list the specific questions you have.

Deletion of Member’s own Posts

The MA Forum allows all members the power to delete or edit their own posts. Members should not delete or substantially edit their posts that other members have responded to as the deletion de-contextualizes the posts of others. Where this occurs the Forum Moderator will reinstate the deleted post.

Conflict Resolution between Forum Members

The MA forum is not a venue to voice personal grievances between members. Public and offensive spats will not be tolerated on the forum. If a member is dissatisfied with the conduct of another member on the forum a complaint should be sent to the Forum Moderator by email. The Role of the forum moderator in this respect will be to privately resolve any issues to the satisfaction of all parties. Where a resolution is not achieved an opinion will be provided to the MA Executive for consideration of appropriate action. Thereafter a sanction process maybe initiated (please see 10) All such interaction detracts from the purpose of the forum and should be obverted by all members.

Migration Advice provided on the Forum

A condition of use of the Migration Alliance Forum is that posters take personal responsibility for the posts that they publish. That said, all forum participants should be mindful that the Migration Advice provided on the forum should be taken and followed at your own risk and according to your own discretion. Forum participants should check and qualify any advice they receive on the Forum. Please bear in mind that the MA Forum is a not for profit forum and posters are simply providing assistance out of community spirit. Should you not agree with this condition of use you should not use the MA Forum and you should not follow any of the advice sourced from the Forum.

Breach, Sanctions and removal of Forum Privileges

The forum seeks to avoid ever having to restrict the privileges of any Forum member but to promote fairness, courtesy and the positive progression of the forum the bear minimal rules must be enforceable. The removal of privileges and penalties for breaches range from:

  • Total Banning from the Forum for a period of 1 year
  • Total Banning from the Forum for a period of 6 months
  • Total Banning from the Forum for a period of 3 months
  • Total Banning from the Forum for a period of 1 month
  • Complete Permanent Ban from the Forum
  • Official Caution
  • Removal of Offending Posts and Official Caution

Process and Procedures

The Forum Moderator will initiate the process for imposing any removal of forum privileges. This will occur in the following manner:

  • Identifying the alleged breach
  • Email outlining the allege breach to the alleged offender
  • Inviting the alleged offender to respond
  • Reviewing the response from the alleged offender
  • Where the Moderator believes a sanction is in order, a summary and opinion is provided to the MA Executive.
  • Ultimately the MA Executive will determine whether a sanction is required and will decide on the appropriate sanction.
  • The MA Executive will provide the decision to the Forum Moderator and the Forum Moderator will provide the decision to the Forum member in question.